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Winter 2010

In this issue, FTF Magazine sails across ‘the pond’ to focus on North American research. Mary from Italy delves into American history with her article ‘Treason, Espionage and High Society’, while Christine in Herts and Ann from Sussex trace their elusive grandfathers in America. Guinevere finds out where an American relative fits into her family tree and Trish@Somerset tells the story of a Canadian Home Child.

For the ‘My Town’ feature this month, jenoco looks into the history of her home city of Vancouver, which is soon to host the 2010 Winter Olympics.

We also have a feature on St.Valentine’s Day, with stories from kylejustin, angelina and Velma Dinkley tying in with that theme. Jill on the A272 provides this month’s family treasure and Lynn the Forest Fan tells the story of her fireman ancestor.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please let us know if it has helped you trace your North American ancestors. Perhaps we can feature their story in a future issue of the magazine. 

Starting points for your research from The Family Tree Forum Reference Library:
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Treason, Espionage and High Society

Jonathan Mallet (1729-1806) was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, where his father and grandfather had both held the position of sheriff. Jonathan became an army surgeon, was posted to America with the British Army in about 1756, and rose to the position of purveyor...

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In Search Of Grandfather Bennett

I have been addicted to family tree research since I started to look at it more seriously in early 2004. Even before that, I’d always nibbled away at the mystery over my paternal grandfather, with questions along the lines of “What was Daddy’s daddy like?" or "What...

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My Town: Vancouver

The Salish people had lived in what is now south east British Columbia hundreds of years before the first European explorers arrived. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to visit and, by way of the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, claimed the west coast of North...

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The Man From Hell’s Kitchen

Wanting to know something about my paternal grandfather has been an obsession for me since childhood. His name and the fact that he was a soldier were the only concrete facts there seemed to be about him. He had supposedly died whilst serving in Hong Kong around the...

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Cousin Maisie

W}ho exactly was Cousin Maisie? I knew Cousin Maisie existed because I met her when I was very young. I could also remember Christmas presents from the USA when we were in Wales for Christmas with my grandparents. But that’s all I did know about her when I began...

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Canadian Home Child

George Bowdrey was born to Robert and Anne Bowdrey on 30th June 1890 in West Drayton, Middlesex. He was the seventh of nine children. His mother died in 1895 when her youngest child was just 3 years old. When his father died in 1899 the older children found jobs as...

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St. Valentine’s Day

On 14th February, St. Valentine’s Day, lovers all over the world exchange heartfelt sentiments to express their feelings for one another, whilst others send anonymous greetings to the ‘objects of their desires’. Whilst researching this article I have tried to uncover...

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In Life I Loved You Dearly

On 2nd December 1915 my great great uncle, Charles Sylvanus William Guilford, married his sweetheart Rebecca Fawcett at Woolwich Parish Church. The Great War had been raging for almost sixteen months, and whilst Charles was working as a chef at the Royal Arsenal in...

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The Nanny

T}here was a story in our family that, long ago, a nanny fell so much in love with the little baby boy she looked after, that when his mother died she married his father solely to stay with him. It has taken me several years of research, but I have managed to confirm...

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Letters of Love

Josiah Twyford Smith was born on 20th February 1824 in Preston, Lancashire. His parents were William Smith, a draper, and Elizabeth Sophia Twyford, who were married on 6th February 1823 at Manchester Cathedral. Josiah was followed in the cradle by Ellen (1825) and...

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Family Treasure: The Sideboard

My small sideboard is quite literally a family piece as it was made by my great uncle, Lawrence Crisp. Laurie was born in Deptford in 1883, but by 1890 the family had moved to West Wittering in Sussex. In due course Laurie became a carpenter and joiner, later taking...

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Fireman Ancestor

James George Fleming was born on 5th February 1819, the youngest child of John and Mary Fleming. He came from a family of watermen - his father and grandfather had worked on the Thames, as had his uncles. On 13th February 1834, he was apprenticed to James Kippen, who...

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