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New Westminster, June 3rd – A murder of the most brutal character took place at 427 Fourth Street this morning when Henry Jobes, a machinist’s helper employed at the Schaake Machine Works shot dead his wife twice through the head, her death being probably instantaneous. At the time of the shooting the pair were alone in the house and accurate information as to just what caused the quarrel leading to the murder cannot be obtained. Shortly after 8.00 am, Jobes was seen on the street near to the house by his son. He has disappeared and the police of the city and district are scouring the country for a clue as to his whereabouts. Jobes lived at 427 Fourth Street with his two sons, William and Harry, all three being employed at the Schaake Machine Works.

Kept Boarders

In addition to the immediate family Mrs Jobes kept a number of boarders, mostly men employed in the machine works. Everybody was out of the house at 7.30am of the day when the murder is supposed to have been committed. It is evident that the pair were at breakfast when the quarrel started, as potatoes and other food from the table were scattered about the room, and mingled with the blood of the dead woman.

The murder was discovered by William Jobes, who returned to the house from the shops shortly after 8.00 am. When he was near to the house he met his father walking away from the residence. The father said to him, “Where are you going?” and to this the son replied, “Oh, just to the house on business".

Found Mother's Body

Entering the house, William immediately proceeded to the kitchen and was horrified to see his mother lying dead on the floor, with a pool of blood by her head. Blood had poured from 3 bullet wounds, one under the right ear and one in each temple. He promptly rushed out and informed the neighbours of the case and the police were promptly notified and started at work to get trace of the husband.

Jobes came to the coast from England about March 1st. The couple had been married twenty six years.

Bought Revolver

Jobes, it has been ascertained, bought a 32 calibre revolver at noon yesterday from George Speck, a local dealer in sporting goods, but worked during the afternoon as usual. When William went to work this morning he heard of his father having the revolver and it was this information which led him to hurry home, where he found his mother's body.

It has been learned that Jobes attempted to kill his wife on May 25th, but was prevented by his sons who took the revolver away from him. This incident was not reported to the police.

After this attempt Jobes left the house and lived at the Guichon Rooms.

The police of Vancouver have been notified and a vigorous search is being made in both cities.