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Summer 2010

The Canadian Parliament has designated 2010 as the Year of the Home Child, and this has been the inspiration for the main theme of this issue in which we focus on Dr. Barnardo and his organisation. 

jenoco steps back in time remembering her childhood at the Peppard Chest Hospital and delves into its history, while new member weejock shares the story of the first man to be hanged in Scotland in the 20th century. Val and George takes her blacksmith ancestors back to the 1600s, and Christine Clissold and jennie uncover family secrets.  

Dr. Barnardo

Thomas John Barnardo is one of the best known men of the Victorian era. He founded the 'Barnardo' organisation which transformed the lives of thousands of children who were otherwise homeless and destitute. Their work continues to this day. Thomas was born in Dublin,...

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I Was a Barnardo Child

Barnardo's have been very good to my brother, sister and me. I am now 70 years old and entered their care in March 1951, coming to live in Australia later the same year. I was 12 years old, my brother was 7 ½ and my sister celebrated her 10th birthday on board the...

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Barnardo children

My grandfather, Charles Muller, had two sisters, Rose born 5th May 1888 at 41 Walder Street, Mile End, and Daisy born 22nd March 1891 at 40 Nelson Street, Mile End. Depending on which census you look at, Adam Muller, their father, was a musician or skin dyer. He was...

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We are related to Dr. Barnardo

When I started gathering information for my husband’s family tree, concrete facts were hard to come by but, as in most families, there were quite a few anecdotes... and one of these was, “You know, we are related to Dr. Barnardo.”   James Newton (1811-1878) married...

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Answers and Questions

I started doing family tree research in the late 1970s, although I had always been interested in hearing the family stories since I was a small child. Once I got researching, I found that Mum's maternal ancestors were something of a mystery wrapped in a shroud of...

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With a Little Help from My Friends

My husband's grandma was talking to my husband one day when it was mentioned that I was never to research her side of the family. This threw us and we couldn't understand why! "There was no father recorded." My husband said that he wanted me to research it but not to...

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I have blacksmiths in my family tree dating back to c1600 when John Dunwell either took over or set up the smithy in the small village of Kirk Deighton in Yorkshire. Opposite the smithy stood the 'Bay Horse Inn' and the village green. The hotel stands to this day,...

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The Whiteinch Murder

O}n Saturday 13th September 1902, whilst John Bleakley was at sea, his only daughter Sarah Jane was murdered by her husband, Patrick Leggett. All the papers reported the story at the time and it was known as 'The Whiteinch Murder'. The final page from the diary kept...

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