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September 2007

The second issue of the magazine coincides with the first anniversary of the launch of the Family Tree Forum website. The strength of the site is the help which members give each other – from genealogy to problems with their computers via gardening hints. 

Our Reference Library has been created from members’ recommendations over the past year and continues to expand. The Research Advice forums are always busy with people helping each other break down brickwalls or finding elusive ancestors in census returns. 

The Community boards provide help, support and advice on a wide variety of topics including more general threads about genealogically related discussions. One of these threads, “Why did you start your family history research?”, started by Simon in Bucks, forms the basis of three of this month’s articles. Other members have shared their personal genealogical detective work, including another Simon who writes about his search for his biological mother.

Why did you start your family history research?

This was the question I asked on a recent thread on Family Tree Forum’s General Board. I was very curious and interested in the ‘why’ part of the question as everyone has a different reason. For me it was because I had a need to finish something that my family had...

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Curiosity got the better of me

Going back to my roots. What led members of FTF to start tracing their ancestry.   I started researching my family history because my Mum had a half brother she had never met. From an old newspaper clipping she had she told me he served on the first Ark Royal aircraft...

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Simon’s Story

I would like to share my story with you and hope that your outcome will be as successful as mine.   I had a great childhood living with loving parents and a sister who was also adopted. I always knew I was adopted and thought it was quite normal. I told everyone who...

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From Cornwall to Northumberland

They moved 400 miles for a better life but were met by hatred and death.   As I was growing up in County Durham one of my aunts used to tell me that my paternal grandfather was Cornish. Her story was that his parents had taken their young family by horse and cart all...

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I was completely hooked

A memory from a childhood holiday led to manna from heaven. I thought I had no family. I was always a loner, never fitting in anywhere, feeling like a fish out of water. I became quite introverted and self sufficient. Then by pure chance I moved to the county where my...

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Francis Peck, my great grandfather

Francis was born in Barton le Clay in Bedfordshire and he was baptised in St Nicholas parish church on 16th October 1814. He was the first child of William Peck and his wife Anne (nee Clark).   William and Anne had married in that same church on Christmas Day 1813....

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