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October 2008

The brewing industry theme of this issue was suggested back in April by Family Tree Forum member, Margaret in Burton, who was appalled at the announcement that the Coors Visitor Centre, the museum of brewing in Burton upon Trent, was to close this summer.  

 The museum opened in 1977 in the joinery shops of the Bass Brewery, to mark the company’s bicentenary, and holds a wealth of artefacts, all serving to bring Burton ‘s proud heritage to life.  The closure has been a sad blow to the town and efforts to reopen it are still ongoing. Most of the photographs illustrating Margaret’s group of articles were taken at the museum before its closure

 Whilst researching her family, Velam Dinkley had experienced some bizarre coincidences and spooky happenings. She wanted to know if she wasn’t alone, and what with Halloween approaching, thought she’d ask the members of FTF for their spine-chilling tales. Members share their stories in this issue.  

 Continuing the ‘Family Treasures’ feature, Jessbowbag explains why one particular ornament in her garden is very precious to her.

History of brewing

The production, serving and consumption of beer is a very important factor in the lives of all  our ancestors, not only from its use as a safe alternative to water but because so many of them were involved in its production. Many farmers were also listed in census...

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Brewing heritage

Written from  material supplied by Margaret in Burton© Velma Dinkley 2008 Burton Upon Trent can trace its brewing roots back to the 11th century, and during the latter half of the 19th century, a quarter of all beer sold in Britain was brewed in the town. Burton ...

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Publican ancestors

I had been researching my Meller ancestors in Shropshire for several years without turning up much in the way of exciting information, until a chance search on A2A - Access to Archives revealed a hit that indicated details contained within the Quarter Sessions related...

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Brewery workers

My husband’s great x2 grandfather, Thomas Anderson, was one of ten children, born in the farming community of Bisham in Berkshire between 1814 and 1830. His grandfather, also called Thomas, who had his origins in Scotland, had leased Cross Roads Farm in 1796 for a...

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Taynton cider

My maternal great grandmother was called Julia Holder. The Holder family were descended from Huguenots who had settled in Taynton, Gloucestershire, in the 17th century. At the time the area was renowned for its orchards, in particular in the growing of the 'Taynton...

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The Salvation Army

  I am sure that most of you will have heard of the old joke about the Salvation Army bra, "It lifts the fallen!". Seriously though, this is the exact aim of the Salvation Army; it always has been and hopefully always will be. The Salvation Army was born in 1878...

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Spooky tales

Halloween originates in Ireland, as the ancient Celtic festival known as ‘Samhain’, which was celebrated at the end of the harvest to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores.  The Celts believed that on 31st October the boundary dissolved...

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The Ghost of Mary Buck

  In the summer of 2006 I made a visit to Adderbury in Oxfordshire, where my great x2 grandparents, George Henry and Mary Buck, had lived their married life together. George and Mary were married in 1858. He was a commercial traveller in tea and met Mary through...

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Deja Vu

When we got married, my husband and I decided to spend our honeymoon touring around Northumberland, which is where my mother was brought up, and where I later discovered that a number of my ancestors on that side of my tree were born. I think that even then I was...

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Spiritual assistance

Last year my husband and I went to a nearby town to photograph a church where his cousin had married, as we were doing a 'then and now' photo album for a anniversary present for them. As I was sitting in the car outside the church, a thought suddenly came into my head...

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The fairy house

I only ever knew one grandad and he was as special to me as I was to him. He would have moved heaven and earth for me, so special was our relationship. He spent all of his working life on a farm, but took a part-time job, after his retirement, in the local...

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