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October 2007

The October edition leads with a collection of memories of members’ grandparents. The theme was inspired by a thread within the Community Boards. Other members were approached to expand on their contributions to the thread. We have articles from Olde Crone Holden and Merry Monty Montgomery who tell us about some of their more unusual connections in their Family Tree as well as Joy Dean’s story about visiting her ancestral roots in Suffolk.

I still miss them loads

My paternal grandfather died when I was 5 years old, but I can still remember the smell of his pipe to this day. My memories of him are feelings of gentleness and of his twinkling eyes. Although I can't really remember the physical him, it's the essence of him I...

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Early Memories

One of my first memories was of my great grandma on my dad's side. She lived with my gran and grandad and she used to look after me for a while, when my parents and grandparents were at work, before I started school. She used to always give me Shredded Wheat for my...

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Precious Jewels

I had always been slightly envious of my husband in that his grandmother was still alive and all my grandparents had died when I was a child. My memories of my maternal grandad, especially, were very dear to me and, although I don’t have many, the memories I do have I...

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The Mad Magician

This article is a testament to the 'team' on Family Tree Forum. From a tiny snippet of vague information which I offered, they unravelled this intriguing tale of a man who rose from unpromising beginnings, to become one of the most feted members of the Magic Circle,...

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A brief encounter with my Suffolk cousins

History was one of my favourite subjects at school and still fascinates me. I also find people fascinating. From reading about history and watching people it seemed a natural progression to investigate the structure of my family. Not just names and dates but learning...

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Joy’s Suffolk Connections

It was my mother Dorine’s maternal family who hailed from Suffolk. Her parents were Ben Newton and Gertrude Sadd. Gertrude was born in 1890, the youngest child of Luke Sadd and Harriet Packard. She came from Wandsworth, London, like her brother George and sisters...

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