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December 2007

This is only the fifth month of publication and we’re already going from strength to strength. Many thanks to all contributors, in this and past issues, because without you we wouldn’t exist. We are planning various themes for the coming months and nearer the time we will be appealing for stories on the Magazine board. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

This month’s issue leads with an article by Ann from Sussex based on her thread on the General board asking members for their own family myths. The membership responded with a fascinating mix of stories and four of these have been made into articles of their own. Look very closely and you will spot Royalty amongst the photographs!

Not letting Christmas pass without a mention, Cherry Tradewell recalls her post WW2 Christmas childhood memories, whilst yummy-mummy-of-2 tells of her mother’s unhappy Christmastimes. Guinevere explains the history behind her family’s special way of celebrating, Suejmog recalls a family story of when her merchant seaman uncle surprised the family by returning home from sea in time for Christmas and Sunny Kate has put her traumatic memories of Christmas 1974 into poetry.

We also have stories from Rosie Knees, Daisiesinmay and Pippa Doll, based on their own family tree research.

Which just leaves us to say “Merry Christmas to all Family Tree Forum Magazine’s readers and all the very best for 2008”.

William Christmas Capps and son

William Christmas Capps, brother of my great great grandmother Elizabeth, was born on Christmas Day 1815 and baptised in St Margaret’s Church, Lowestoft on December 27th. In Lowestoft the name Capps is synonymous with fishing and William’s father Isaac earned enough...

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Christmas memories

At the beginning of WW2 my mum Joyce was just 13 years old and her brother Colin was 15. They were a musical family, mum was a singer and her brother a talented pianist. As soon as he was able, Colin joined the Merchant Navy and travelled all over the world. It was...

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Christmas from Hell

Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia on the night of Christmas Eve 1974. On the day of the cyclone, most residents of Darwin believed that the cyclone would not cause any damage to the city as Cyclone Selma had been predicted to hit...

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Absent friends

My father was born in 1910 in Lowestoft, a town dominated by the fishing industry until the middle of the last century. Christmases were always “feast or famine” when he was a child. A few good catches and the children had far more than an orange and some nuts. If the...

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Family myths

There hardly seems to be a family which doesn’t have stories handed down through the generations, some of which you feel must be pure myth as they seem so fantastical. My mother told just such a story about one of her uncles and we always used to laugh at her. That...

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Related to Lord Baden-Powell

My great aunt always maintained that we were related to Lord Baden-Powell. The closest I have got is my great great grandfather who married an Elizabeth Rebecca Powell in Ireland in 1841. However, this is not my great aunt's family line but my grandfather's, so I am...

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The story disintegrated

My husband was told, about 10 years ago, that his great grandfather John, on his male line, came down from Scotland to Maidenhead in Berkshire to build Brunel's famous Sounding Arch bridge over the River Thames, which carries the once Great Western Railway on its way...

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A rolling stone

Great grandfather was a rolling stone and in his life he is said to have gone to Oz for gold mining; been the private jockey to Lord Methuen; fought in the 2nd Bechuanaland wars; been the 'Chief of Police' in Ghana - all supposed to have taken place been 1878-1898...

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Fleshing out the bones

Having gone back to 1521 in the usual ways, with my direct line, I started looking for the flesh on the bones. Amongst much else I found, in my local Public Records Office, some Sun Fire office records and discovered that my great 4x grandfather, shown as a Gentleman,...

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