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Barnardo children

My grandfather, Charles Muller, had two sisters, Rose born 5th May 1888 at 41 Walder Street, Mile End, and Daisy born 22nd March 1891 at 40 Nelson Street, Mile End.

Depending on which census you look at, Adam Muller, their father, was a musician or skin dyer. He was born in 1852 in Germany and died of tuberculosis on 12th February 1892 at 40 Nelson Street, Mile End, only one year after Daisy’s birth.

The girls were taken in by Doctor Barnado’s on 7th November 1899, when Rose was 11 and Daisy 8, and they set sail for Canada from Liverpool on 19th July 1900 on the ‘SS Tunisian’, arriving in Quebec on 29th July 1900. I am not sure why they were put with Doctor Barnado’s but would assume their mother, Emily, could not support them.

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Daisy Muller Rose Muller

Both girls were placed with families in the same street as domestics, Daisy at 551 Lansdowne Avenue, Montreal with Thomas Hutchinson, a farmer, and his family, and Rose at number 542 with William Campbell and family.

Rose married Daniel J Bremner, a lumberman, on 22nd November 1909 in Quebec. He had been born there on 4th March 1879. They had at least two children, both born in Quebec, Rose Eileen on 15th October 1910 and Mildred Georgina on 8th June 1916. Daniel died on 10th September 1935 in the Montreal General Hospital. Rose died at the grand old age of over 101 on 9th December 1989 at Manoir Trinité Centre D’Accueil, Longueuil, Quebec. Both Daniel and Rose are buried at The Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery in Montreal.

Daisy married Lewis Wilbrod Larin, a salesman, on 14th August 1926 in Montreal, Pointe-St-Charles (Presbyterian Saint Mathew), Quebec, and died 27th July 1956 at Putnam Memorial Hospital, Bennington, Vermont.

I understand from a surviving aunt that the children corresponded with their family in England for some time.

I am also lucky enough to have obtained these photos of the girls on admission to Doctor Barnado’s.

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