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August 2007

In the first issue of the FTF Online Magazine, you will find a mixture of interesting articles and resources which we hope will help you with your research. Our writers for this issue are samesizedfeet, Grampa Jim, Guinevere, KiwiChris and Lemon Nelly. All have been members of Family Tree Forum since the start and have been researching their trees for quite a number of years between them. In this issue, we also have a guest author, Douglas Holmes, who retells his experience of having survived the torpedoing of the SS Strathallan in 1942.

The Palmers and the Parson

The Vicar vs a "wild set of People".   When the Reverend William Holland became Parson of Over Stowey in Somerset in 1779 my ancestors, the Palmers, had already been living in the Parish for at least a century. William kept a daily diary, extracts from which have been...

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An Unexpected Outcome

How Chris' search for her family solved the mystery of a long lost father. My Great-great-grandfather Henry Thomas Hickton was born in Warwick in 1826 and killed in the Crimean War in 1855. He had one brother Samuel Hickton born Stratford-Upon-Avon in 1828. Their...

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The Mistory of Ruth

Did the village maiden wait for years to wed her lifelong true love?   Ruth Wedrald was born during a Century of great changes within England. The Scottish Rebellion, under Bonnie Prince Charlie, had been finally crushed at Culloden Moor only 23 years earlier.  ...

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Soccer Star

How a family story she thought was untrue led Zoe Linkson on a search through historic newspapers to uncover the truth behind her football playing great grandfather.    When I was younger my Nan often dropped into conversation that her father-in-law played for...

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Norman’s Story

Lost at Sea Seeking the truth about a sailor lost at sea and his mother's broken heart. I grew up with a lot of stories and Norman’s story is just one. I never knew the facts or details and neither did anyone else in the family.   Norman’s story is a long one but one...

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The Torpedo That Struck

A tale of survival in World War II.    It was a cold dark December morning in 1942 when the troopship I had embarked on set sail from Grennock, Scotland. The "Strathallan", 23,000 ton and ex pride of the P.O. line was now on active service and in battledress grey....

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